What Our Clients Say

“Mary is a thorough, competent and formidable litigator – she managed to get my husband smoothly reinstated at his former place of employment, won back pay and also recovered his attorney fees from the company who unfairly fired him.”

– Susan

“Mary is a very smart, extremely hard working attorney who also cares a great deal about her clients. In a field with plenty of good lawyers, she is undoubtedly the attorney I would choose to do work for me.”

– Peter

“I had a personal friend that desperately needed legal help with her employment situation. Mary was proficient, capable and effective. My friend’s outcome was fabulous and fair.”

– Dori

“She [Mary] obtained a fabulous result and did so quickly. She puts her heart and soul into her cases. Her experience and knowledge shone through.”

– Valerie

“Mary worked on a case for me for the last five years. It was a long slow ordeal that she saw through to the end. She always kept me informed and stood by my side through a difficult time in my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing legal guidance.”

– Joshua

“The end result was a victory for me which included a nice payout. I was able to transition out and away from a corporate giant who we called out for racial discrimination in employment practices.”

– David

“Mary was there when I needed her most. Even though Mary had many other things going on, she stopped and took the time out to give myself sound advice and took actions so that my life can move forward with a more positive outlook than I could ever think or experience.”

– John

“Mary negotiated a settlement for me in a case with my previous employer and the State of California. Having Mary represent me gave me peace of mind that I had the best representation I could have. It was a relief to have the case resolved quickly so I could get on with my life.”

– Jamie

“Mary went to great lengths to research the issues in the case and to consult widely in order to give me the best possible representation. My case settled out of court on terms that were highly favorable to me.”

– Dave

“Because of Mary I have regained my dignity and my self-esteem. Yes, I would recommend Mary to a friend or anyone in need of an excellent attorney.”

– Jane

We Know What You Are Going Through

We understand the fear, betrayal and shame that victims of abuse, harassment or discrimination can experience. It may seem impossible to confront the other party even if you know that what they did was wrong. There are expert attorneys who can help. They will act as your advocate and your champion, giving you the support you need to stand up to the people that hurt you. Resources

Selected Outcomes

$ 875,000   Disability Discrimination
$ 1,000,000   Sexual Orientation Discrimination
$ 3,100,000   Sexual Harassment / Defamation
$ 2,500,000   Workplace Rape
$ 750,000   Elder Abuse
$ 250,000   Wrongful Termination
$ 500,000   Weight Discrimination
$ 250,000   Sexual Harassment
$ 900,000   Sexual Harassment / Retaliation
$ 250,000   Pregnancy Discrimination
$ 500,000   Defamation
$ 750,000   Date Rape

Each case is different. This information is not a warranty, guarantee or prediction of the outcome of your case.